Jun 23, 2012

Jobs in Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB)

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is the oldest uniformed force in Bangladesh. It is a paramilitary force under the Ministry of Home Affairs. BGB is primarily responsible for the border security of the country, in Bangladesh the force is known as "The Vigilant Sentinels of the National Frontier”. The BGB is commanded by a Major General. The BGB administration and most of the officer corps are trained and deputed from the Bangladesh Army. There are, however, around 100 officers who are promoted from within the force itself. They can be promoted as high as Deputy Director (D.D) which is equivalent to the rank of Lt. Colonel and Assistant Director (A.D) equivalent to the rank of major and Deputy Assistant Director (D.A.D) equivalent to the rank of Captain in Bangladesh Army. Its current strength is 67,000+ structured along 61 battalions and numerous border outposts (B.O.P.), mostly along the borders. If you are looking for your career at BGB then you are in right place. In this site you will get update about jobs in Border Guard Bangladesh. career at border guard bangladesh

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