Jun 23, 2012

Career in Bangladesh Police

The Bangladesh Police is the main law enforcement agency of Bangladesh. It is administered under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh. It plays a crucial role in maintaining peace and enforcement of law and order within the whole of Bangladesh. Its mission is to uphold the rule of law, ensure safety and security of citizens, detect and prevent crime, bring offenders to justice and maintain peace, public order. In addition the Police service participates in international peacekeeping missions under the sanction of the United Nations. Various branches and departments such as the CID, SB, RAB, Metropolitan Police, SWAT, Highway Police, Immigration Police, Railway Police, Range Police, Prison Police, Industrial Police, River Police, Air Wing and Armed Police Battalion exist in the Police service. Currently the Bangladesh Police is comprised of 138,000 personnel excluding special units such as the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB). It is led by an Inspector General, equivalent to the rank of Lieutenant General in the Army. Bangladesh Police Academy, established in 1912 in Sardah, Rajshahi is the central training institution of Bangladesh Police. The Police Staff College was established in 2000 in Dhaka. Bangladesh Police also maintains Police Training Centre (PTC) in Tangail, Rangpur, Khulna and Noakhali. The Detective Training School was established in 1962 in Dhaka. Police medals are awarded every year in the annual Police Week Parade. It is awarded both for bravery and service.  vacancy in bd police

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